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Analisis Struktur Pasar dan Kinerja Industri Penggilingan

Analisis Struktur Pasar dan Kinerja Industri PenggilinganAnalisis Struktur Pasar dan Kinerja Industri Penggilingan

Abstrack: Managers of firms do not make decision in a vacuum. Numerous factors can affect decisions. How well a company makes a decision to improve its performance it depends on many variables. Some industries are dominated by a few large firms, while others are composed of many small firms. Market structure refers to factors such as the number of firms that compete in a market, size of firms etc. It influences company’s performance and affect the decisions the prudent manager will make. This paper tries to analyze the causal relationship between the company performance and market share in order to know which factor affecting the company in the industry. By using Herfindahl-Hirschman Index and linear regression, it can be concluded that return on asset of the company has the bigest influence, and market structure has negative affect to profit margin as an indicator of company’s performance. It shows also that this industry is a dominant oligopoly.

Key words : performance, market structure, return on asset, industry concentration

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